About Me

Welcome to ThoughtProvokingPete’s Blog.

I created this blog to provoke its readers to spend some time thinking about different issues concerning the existence and experience of the world in which we live.

I am looking to share my thoughts with the population of the internet in order to develop self-knowledge and wisdom, and also to share different ideas with you the readers.

I expect that there will be some who will not agree with what will be presented in a few or most of the posts, and that is good news! I expect strong criticism, without it, how else am I to refine my ideas. It is also important for me, and for others to hear different perspectives on a myriad of different topics. In order for one to truly understand the real issues involved in any experience or event one must hear every interpretation and perspective involved.

If you have any comments or opinion related to the topics being discussed, or for anything else you wish to ask or say, please post a comment to my blog or email me at petergrubesic@hotmail.com. The underlying reason for this blog is to help generate knowledge, and it is for you as much as it is for me. Whether you agree with me, or if you think everything being said is a bunch of non-sense, please post your comments so that I can learn and develop from the knowledge being transmitted here.

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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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