Another Day Served, And Another Book Finished

I worked a morning shift today and, as usual, it was a positive day. Customer complaints were non-existent and everyone in general was in a great mood. Some other good news is, my store won the previous months incentive contest for the most used movie units sold, and because we won each employee is receiving one hundred dollars worth of gift cards for a couple of different stores (I.E: Itunes)

Although one little hiccup did surface throughout the day, which was not being able to figure out why I could not make an outgoing phone call. After attempting a dozen phone calls to different stores and different people, frustrated and confused I pick up my cell phone and called the store on Sources Blvd. and find out that we no longer have to dial 9 before the telephone number. The manager at the store explained to me that we recently switched over to Bell Canada and no longer have to dial 9 to make outgoing calls. For a moment during my confusion I thought that we might not have paid our bill, but it turns out it was a internal communication problem. Though obviously not the end of the world, and otherwise a great day.

I finished reading S.E Frost, Jr’s book Basic Ideas of the Great Philosophers yesterday. I am now starting to read Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel which is so far seems thoroughly, and well written so that anyone can learn something from reading it. Frost’s book was a good read too, it explains the ideas of the greatest Western philosophers over 10 distinct chapters, and therefore 10 seperate philosophical problems (I.E: Man and Education, Nature of God, Man and State). Each chapter builds on the others, the book could be read in any order, starting with chapter 8 and still work as a whole and be an accurate explanation of the change and differences in philosophy from the Pre-Socratics to modern-day philosophers.

Guns, Germs, and Steel examines the reason that different people in different places throughout human history adapted to different environments due to the particular biological needs imposed by drastically different circumstances. It is so far very interesting, once I read further into the book I will post about what Diamond talks about.

~ by Peter on August 20, 2010.

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