School’s Out for the Summ…almost-Fall

It has been a few months since my last post. Also, it seems that I have been a bit short on creativity and motivation, but I am posting today in hopes of provoking new ideas. I do not have anything in particular to discuss, although writing just about anything down seems to be a productive method of generating new thoughts. Nonetheless, I have come to realize that I should resist from only posting blogs on specific topics brought up in class, and instead I should just post anything that comes to mind. Not to say that I will never write about my autonomous thoughts concerning class discussions, but I will start including regular posts about the different things happening to me through my day to day experience. Will you find this interesting? Maybe not. Though I imagine that I will write about current events more often, especially those events happening locally.

All that aside, today was my last day of summer courses. To be more precise, the last day of classes (for me) was last Thursday. Early this morning I went in to school to complete my Inferential Statistics exam, and I believe it went well! I was the first one to finish the exam, but I did take enough time to go over all my work before handing it in and it looked correct. I’m expecting a B+, at least.

After the exam I made my way up seven flights of escalators to the Sociology/Anthropology study room so that I could read the article that was held on reserve for our class. We had to read two articles in order to finish two of the questions on our take-home final exam for Race/Ethnic Relations, so I read the one I had not found anywhere online and finished my exam, printed it out, and went to hand it in. That concluded my summer studies. Woo hoo!

I am glad I took the courses over the summer, because if I did not take them, the total time it would take me to complete my degree would be extended by one whole semester. Ergo, it was a good decision on my part, and great academic counseling on the school’s part. Thanks Concordia 😛

Would I spend my whole summer in courses again? Definitely not, but I would suggest any other student who can take both Statistics courses over one summer to do so. It was quick, well taught, and you complete both courses in one semester instead of two!

Next summer I think I might focus on an independent research interest, and also on a vacation.

That’s it for now. Let’s see if I keep my word and post something in a couple of days!

~ by Peter on August 16, 2010.

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