As you can see, the title to this post is focused on focus. Focusing is my problem because I find myself lost and without focus. I created this blog to give me a platform to express my ideas, but I can not seem to focus long enough to produce any writings, other than the essays I have to write for school.

I find it clear enough to me now that I was not focusing enough on the ideas I want to write about. I get home after school and usually get through a bit of reading and that is where it stops. No desire to write anything new, no spontaneous writing ideas are coming to mind, I feel lost without a place to start.With that in mind, I am going to try really hard to focus on the ideas I have been thinking about lately, and in doing that I will do my best to focus on writing what is on my mind. If I do not then my ideas will never develop into anything useful, they will remain basic ideas without justification or theory to back them up. It is not so simple that I can just think of a new idea and hope to have it figured out in one sitting, it takes time and energy, and I have not been enthusiastic enough to actually invest the time and the energy required.

This is all a ‘personal’ battle I am having with myself, I am obviously -to some- quite aware of my laziness, yet I do nothing to stop it. I have nothing or no one to blame about this but myself, and hopefully writing about my laziness will encourage me to ignore myself when I want to be lazy, and listen to myself when I am ignoring myself, in turn choosing not to be lazy and sit down and write!

All that aside, although it was irrelevant to anything interesting 😉  I felt the need to express the issue at hand.

The site has had a few changes;

1) Literature/Essays will be found under the -Literature & Essays- link

This will include any and all essays I write for school, and pieces of literature I will write that are not in a blog post format.

This will reserve blog posts for more personal/spontaneous updates about me, quick ideas or interesting things I experienced throughout my day/week.

2) The -References & Interesting Links- page has been update in accordance with the essays that were posted in the -Literature & Essays- page.

I have been having a tough time figuring out what to start working on as previously mentioned but a topic that has been on my mind recently is – Freedom -, and I think that freedom is one of the fundamental issues, whether directly or not, that we encounter everyday, and I hope to take the idea of freedom and flesh it out in hopes to answer a few of the following questions;

1) What does it mean to be free? (As in a existent human context)

2) We each categorize ourselves as free beings, are we truly free beings? (This question will open a lot of ideas on what freedom really is.)

3) Human beings are born into particular societies, particular families, etc… These societies and families feed the new members, that are born into them, particular common-senses and understandings of the world, that being said; Are we free in making our own choices and understandings of the world, or does it not seem that our understandings of the world and the choices that we make are based on other peoples opinions, choices and understandings?

4) Is there such a thing as too much freedom?

These might not be the exact questions I will attempt to respond to, but they should offer a little guideline as to where I plan to take the idea of freedom.


~ by Peter on October 15, 2009.

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