The Human Experience

The Human Experience; What is it ?

The definition of the human experience should be different for each individual person trying to describe it. I would hope that each one of us has our own definition of their human experience. This article will help you understand different aspects of the human experience.

Foremost we need to try and understand what exactly is happening in the human experience to fully be able to define it.

So, what is happening right now as you are reading this article? As you are reading the words in this article multiple parts of your brain are working together to make sense of all the information it is receiving.

More specifically the occipital cortex (Visual Processor) is interpreting the visual components of the text; the words, letters, punctuation, etc. At the same time your frontal lobe is doing its part by trying to make sense of what you are seeing, by trying to connect, what you are reading, with what you already know in order for you to understand it.

In a more general context, your occipital cortex is constantly receiving new visual information from your eyes, and your frontal lobe is constantly trying to make sense of everything new coming in. This leads me to state that the human experience is always changing because it is constantly taking in new visual experiences and processing new thoughts.

Visual & physical experiences aside, there is so much more that defines our human experience. We see a physical world around us, which we can interact with, but there are other ‘invisible’ forces, laws, systems (call them what you want) that have affect on our individual experience. And those are:





To better understand how each of these assimilate in our individual experiences lets define each one.


Belief/Beliefs is a state in which one takes an idea or concept to be true, without evidence. It is important to understand that knowing something and believing something are very different from each other. Believing something to be true means that you agree to it without fact or proof of your own, you just believe it.

While knowing something would mean that you have thought about and processed the idea deeper in your brain in order to figure out if it is true or not. Believers would say that they know that what they believe is true, while in reality what you believe unfortunately is not what you know.


Knowledge. If we break the word apart we get two words; Know and Ledge

To know something means that our brains have access to that specific piece of information, we can describe it as having remembered the information we have acquired (or already know)

As for ledge and how it relates to the word as a whole is actually quite simple, knowledge is the invisible ‘ledge’ of information that we as human beings have stored and have easy and ready access to in our brains.

Knowledge is the information (data) we remember.


We feel all the time, we have the potential to feel an infinite number of ways in an infinite amount of time, it is always changing. I am not talking about physically feeling, but how you feel inside, through your emotions and thoughts. Most of the time feelings have no reason, they just exist. Can you always explain why you feel a certain way? Each one of us feels something different from one another, which is the primary human function that make us different. One thing most people do not realize is that we have the capacity and capability to control how we feel, simply by using our thoughts. (That opens us a whole new article, so I will save it for another day)

Feelings and emotions should never be underestimated as they are the building blocks of each individual human being. Take control of your emotions and you can define yourself any way you want to. Do not let the world around you change how you feel, change the world around you with the way you feel.


Facts are what we use to test what we know against reality. Which ultimately defines reality for us. Facts are pieces of information that have been tested over and over and seemingly always end with the same result, thus making them fact instead of just ideas.

We should never blindly believe facts, we should take into consideration that facts are a solely based on superficial sources and once they have been deemed true, they are usually never questioned again.


Ideas are the new, not the old. They are the minds way of expressing its creativity, and guess what, you are your mind, which means you have the capability to create an infinite amount of ideas.

Ideas help to shape new realities, which is to say that if you think of a new idea it becomes real, no matter how far fetched it is, it exists in your mind! Now, trying to manifest these ideas into a physical reality is something completely different.

It is important to know that ideas are separate from Belief, Feelings, and Facts as they are the human beings method of creating an understanding of our reality and our experiences in it.

The Human Experience is simply your thoughts and experiences, the way you feel and the way you think defines you as a human being. Do not forget that you are your mind, and your mind is what thinks and feels, so you can make your mind do anything. If you want to be happy, then be happy! Think about it, go do something that you know makes you happy, and just forget about whatever was making you upset.

It’s a matter of doing it to make it real.

~ by Peter on September 11, 2009.

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